ill.Methodology Workshop – Chapter 1 (42 Minutes)

These are the music production videos that changed my life as a producer. Not the hundreds, if not thousands of little tutorials and production techniques I’ve consumed over the years. I’m talking aboutgame changers.ill.Methodology Workshop – Chapter 1 (42 Minutes)

We all hit roadblocks as producers. We get stuck. We lack motivation. We get overwhelmed. And when that happens, we start buying new gear, downloading new plugins, sound treating our room, watching YouTube tutorials for days – the list of potential “solutions” is never ending.

But, according to this workshop, the answer to our production woes is actually fairly simple. It’s grounded in our psyche, our organization, and our workflow when making music. I won’t give out too many spoilers, because this is a MUST WATCH video. One spoiler alert however, is this: learning to make music in the mornings will have a significant impact on your productivity.

This is Chapter 1 of a 6 chapter Paid Workshop, if you want to learn more visit:

Formerly known as The Phat Conductor, ill.Gates is a self described “bass music artist” originally from Toronto, Canada currently living in San Francisco. ill.GATES is a bass droppin’, educatin’, oscillator modulatin’ space genius from the future. High priest of the Church of Bass, ill.GATES is known to regularly appear on five continents as well as the interwebs.

The ill.Methodology Workshop is the master class from ill.Gates. In this 4-hour series of video tutorials – shot in front of a live audience – ill.Gates not only teaches mind-blowing Ableton secrets, but reveals the blueprint for becoming a successful producer. Thousands have travelled the world to attend this essential workshop, and now for the first time, it’s available to stream 24/7.

THE ILL.METHODOLOGY is an artistic development workshop series that presents a comprehensive skill set of techniques acquired from his prolific 17 years of experience in electronic music production. This extraordinary workshop is targeted to increase your productivity and efficiency in writing finished compositions in Ableton Live and providing you with all the tools you would need to fast track your production, accelerate your workflow and achieve the success that will make music sustainable for you.