Fuckarounditis: The Studio Engineer Disease That Ruins Your Mixes – Pick your go-to plugins

Nope not a joke! Well kind of, in this video we discuss an extremely important concept which is not to waste too much time picking the tools you use for mixing, compressors, eqs, saturators, delays, reverbs, special processing, all the different kind of processors, whether software of hardware that we use daily for our mixes. Too many times I see people obsessing over which digital incarnation of a given compressor choose before even start working on a track, trying any emulation available before starting to do what is really important and what the track needs: fresh ears, objectiveness and getting things done quickly. Few examples on how to choose your go to plugins, which ones would be a good choice and WHY.As usual, you can apply this to any of the tools you have, any genre and any situation in the studio. Hope you enjoy it!